Nissan Frontier High Test Gas

I was told to use High Test only in this vehicle, but someone told me Click and Clack said this is not neccesarily so, but I can’t find the article. Does anyone know how to find the article?

If the owner’s manual says high test is “required,” then you should use high test. It the manual says “recommended,” you can experiment with regular or mid-grade. You may get lower miles-per-gallon with anything except high-test, and this would negate any perceived savings.

You need to check with the owner’s manual or find someone who has the specifications for your engine. You might want to let us know what year car you have and if there were different engine options, what engine.

I used to own a Super Charged Frontier and Nissan “recommended” premium fuel so that’s what I used until gas prices got way too high. At that point I gradually went to regular unleaded. Everything ran fine and I didn’t notice any significant decrease in performance.
Hope this helps…

If you have a V-8 in that thing, definitely maybe yes. I tried it in my 4WD and I’m over 17 MPG for the first time ever. It looks like I am saving very little money, if any, but I think it is worth it just to go more miles between fillups. If you have a higher HP V’6 or even a 4, i may be worth it. You should check the manual too.