Nissan Altima Dashboard

Girlfriend’s 2008 Altima dashboard has slight cracks and white residue. Did some research and found the lawsuit and replacement ruling that expired in 2017, so that doesn’t help.
Also found the various carpet type covers made for this vehicle on Amazon and even a $380 plastic cover on Carid.
The top of the dash is actually still in pretty good shape as, even though in Florida, the car is always garaged (work at home, so no 8 hours in the heat of a parking lot) and she uses one of the windshield guards when parked.
There is some slight cracking and a white residue on some edges (photos).
Any suggestions on how to clean this and also try to preserve the dash from any further decay?
Is a water-based vinyl protector the best I can hope for?
Do any of those covers actually fit well and look good?
Any other suggestions, as always, are greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen this product installed in two vehicles.

I couldn’t tell it was dash cover.


Thanks Tester. I saw one like that on
Glad to know you couldn’t tell it was a cover.