Nissan Altima cvt and Ds mode

I have a 2010 Altima sedan- with the CVT. The book says you can put it into the Ds mode and it displays on the dashboard. I only see D or M . How do I get it into the Ds mode?

Right from your owners manual:

Ds (Drive Sport) mode - Move the shift selector over from D (Drive) to the left into the
manual shift gate. The position indicator in the meter shows a ?Ds?. In Ds (Drive Sport)
mode, transmission operation changes to Sporty? driving shift operation, creating a
more aggressive acceleration feeling than the D (Drive) mode and a gear change sensation
when the driver accelerates quickly. When the driver selects M (Manual) mode
ratio with shift selector during Ds (Drive Sport) mode operation, the driver must move
the shift selector from Ds mode to D mode and back again to re-select Ds (Drive Sport) mode.

So, long story short, simply push the shifter to the left when in Drive, to get it into Ds mode.


As they say, “RTFM.”

I did read the manual. Turns out the Ds mode only applies to the 2 door and not the 4 door. That I found out from Nissan