Nissan Altima Air Conditioning Causes Stall-outs!?

My car is not new (1998 Nissan Altima), and neither is the problem that I have been experiencing! For three summers, whenever I turn on the air conditioner, ice-cold water leaks out all over my feet and the feet of my front-seat passenger. The “Check Engine” light starts to blink (before becoming steady), smoke is emitted from the rear exhaust, the car begins to sputter very heavily, loses the ability to accelerate, and then stalls out completely. Then, I am unable to drive the car for a day or two.

I have taken my car to four auto shop and the dealer. No-one seems to know what is wrong, yet I have been charged labor fees (Why? Only God knows!!).

What in the world is going on?

Sounds like the evaporator drain is clogged. Maybe the overflow is leaking on the engine computer causing the other problems? Get the drain fixed first and go from there.