I was in an accident w/my '99 sub.outback. new parts included a radiator & AC condenser. after getting the car back, I brought it back 3x to get ac working. I was only driving 9 miles to work and back, city streets. One day I took it on the x-way and drove 14 miles. the head gaskets blew; diagnosis was a plugged radiator (which was new). Mechanic says he found “stop leak” in the radiator - everybody is denying having anything to do with it. Is it ever used in ac condensers? Can I tell how long the stop leak has been in the car from analyzing the way it looks in the coolant now? My car was ruined and my insurance co. is saying without proof/evidence of where the stop leak came from, they can’t help me. The car was running fine before the accident. In fact, I had a new radiator hose put on and the system flushed and new coolant put in last february. That shop says it would never use stop-leak in the small engine cars they specialize in (hondas/subarus).

So… I am fighting a big battle here and am trying to find the source of the stop leak. What is in the coolant sample I picked up looks like it’s pink and it has the consistency of maybe a light plumbing putty. Any ideas?


You may have to take your case to court. You could use the prior repair shop as witness for your case. If you have a witness called by the court, they HAVE to go.


Ask how your mechanic knew that there was stop leak in the radiator.

Also, what is the name of your insurance company? I don’t want that kind!