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NG Cylinder Head Gasket

'03 Tacoma, 111,000 miles. Symptom:leaking heater valve on engine side firewall, 2nd time in 6 months. Mechanic finds cause to be NG cylinder head gasket. With antifreeze,new plugs, cables, fuel filter, head gasket kit, machine shop for heads, and labor = $1650. After trouble shooting he showed me 2 liquids…2nd bottle changed color…don’t remember reasoning due to sticker shock.

Can u explain the bottles again (I’ll ask him next week once more) and whether or not this is a good deal. I think I will keep the pickup for a bit. Also asking him to flush the autotranny fluid. Thanks.

Well,if you not are currently overheating, and if your heat works, then I think you were treated fairly. Make sure your heat works.
I have no idea what the deal with the two bottles is.