New Truck Safety

I was in a near faltal accident in our pick up truck. We were hit almost head on by a bigger king cab pick up truck. We are looking for a new vehiclle that would keep us safe again. Any suggestions on a pick up truck?

Why not buy the exact same truck you had previously?
Sounds like it did its job.


You are equating the vehicles size with a safety rating? there will always be bigger vehicles out there that you could potentialy be involved in an accident with.

Boy, do I have the car for you:


You didn’t tell us what pick-up truck you were driving. If it’s a full size pick-up, the the offset frontal crash test ratings from IIHS are all the same - good. If you were driving a small pick-up, then get a full size truck. You can also look at the HLDI loss statistics. Personal injury protection and medical payment. They are for your truck.

You’ll find that the best large and very large pick-up trucks are about the same. And you can compare these numbers across categories. You can’t do that with the offset frontal crash test results. It seems that crew cabs are the best, and that makes sense. Pick-up trucks tend to flex where the cab and bed meet; it’s a weak point. A longer cab means that it takes more impact force to collapse the cab onto the driver and front passenger. Plus it has to bu a lot larger to accommodate the crew cab. A crew cab Silverado would be a good choice. The 4WD trucks seem to have better ratings than 2WD.

Are you planning on having another head-on collision or driving into a concrete wall at 45 MPH?? A new F-150 is VERY hard to beat… Air-bags everywhere…

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