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New tire has rubber strings at seal - need about 6psi per week added

Last month I got 4 new tires on my 2010 Jeep GC. I dont put that many miles on per week, but once per week the low tire pressure light will come on and the same tire will always be about 26psi. Happens the same each week to this tire and the other three seem to hold air perfectly. I took the wheel off and noticed some rubber “strings” coming from the area where the tire seals to the wheel. There are a few of them (picture below). Is this normal? Im not sure if its properly sealed or could be something else.

Return to the place where you purchased the tires and show them . You should have some kind of warranty .

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To me it looks like someone mounted that tire by force and scraped pieces of the bead area, and they are pinched between the tire and the rim. Take it back and give them hell.

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I agree with wentwest about the problem and cause. Maybe someone got a bit ham-fisted and didn’t soap up the bead enough while mounting the tires.


What I think I am seeing is a scribe line in the mold to allow trapped air between the mold and tire to escape so the tire molds properly. That is NOT the cause of the leak.

Yes, return to where you bought the tires. They should be able to diagnose the problem.

In the meantime, fill the tire more often instead of letting it get that low. That’s not good for the tire.

picture 2

I see enough corrosion on the inside of that wheel to suspect that there is also corrosion is the bead sealing area of the wheel. Return to the tire shop and let them fix the leak.

Took it over today and they told me there was some dirt on the wheel and it didnt seal correctly. They said they sanded it down to make sure its clean and put it back on. Im going away for thanksgiving and will keep a close eye on it. Thank you for the responses.

Sounds like they did what needed to be done. I’d keep an eye on the pressure, eat too much turkey anyway, and carry a charged cell phone.

Much better picture. Yes, that is NOT normal - and while it may be the source of the leak, it might not be. Let’s hope the shop fixed the problem.

2 side thoughts:

The tire buster should have removed those strings BEFORE mounting the tire and certainly after in order to prevent questions being asked - like this one!

Second, in spite of the fact that the white was mounted in, they should have cleaned them off. To me that is just part of doing the job correctly.

So you might want to reconsider doing business with these guys in the future.

I see an actual string, maybe 2 in long hanging in the photo where the rim is seen at bottom of frame. Top half of the string is black, bottom half is light. I think I see a “mold line” in the actual tire wall about two-three inches to the right of where the string hangs. Photos can be very undescriptive, so see the other photo, where the rim is oriented up and down and a 3-4 inch black string is very clear against the light-toned rim. Tires are not my forte, though “forced on, bead strings” sounds right) but I do know photography. I see a shadow of the string to the left in the original photo!

HI why don,t you get abottle put dish soap in it and spray the tire where it mounts to the rim.If it doesn t leak spray the rest oy tire to check for leaks make sure the right tire pressure is there .Jim.

Hi i forgot to tell you to mix water with soap and watch for bubbles Jim.