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New Tie Rod, Tracking Poor

I replaced drivers side tie rod. Now “straight” means steering wheel must be turned left slightly, lets say to about 10/11 o’clock.
All I did was measure the nut distance before installing new tie rod.
Previously, vehicle drove/tracked just fine. No alignment issues.
Anyway, I can fix this simply by tweaking the adjustment nut, right???
Must I remove the tire and put on jack stands again, or do you think I can just crawl under there with a wrench?

2002 Trailblazer

Use the string method. Tie a string to outer edge of rear tire. Pull it tight to edge of front tire. Easy to check gap between front/back edge of tire. Setting toe is easy. Have your steering wheel centered. Check both sides of truck. Both front tires should have same adjustment.

@Cavell, that only works if the rear tires are perfectly aligned, which on many cars with independent rear ends, it is not. But it should work on the OPs vehicle as it has a solid rear axle.

Here is a link showing how to do it with a 2x4 and straight edge. In your case, you have enough clearance to use a 2x6 instead.

In your case, only adjust the tie rod you installed.