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New Tensioner Vibrates - is this normal?

I installed a new serpentine belt tensioner into my 1994 Chevy Suburban C1500. It vibrated as much as the old one did, so I assumed that a bit of vibration is normal and forgot about it. Well, after recently looking at some instructional videos, I am now under the impression that any vibration in the tensioner is bad. Here is what is going on –

Is it OK or should I get another new tensioner?

Any thoughts?

Looks pretty normal to me. :slight_smile: Left <-> right is OK…forward and back is bad. Unless you have a perfectly smooth motor, there will be some movement.

ok great. Thanks!

When you removed the old one did you thoroughly clean the block the the new one mounted to? I usually take an old piece of sandpaper and clean up any aluminum or rust oxide off the mounting flange to make sure it fits clean and tight.

That is a great idea. I’ll be sure to do that next time.