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New starter grinding sound

After installing a new starter in my 1999 Mazda protege automatic. Transmission. I try to turn the car on and it makes a loud screeching squeal grinding sound…I rechecked the bolts the alignment and everything seems to be aligned and flush I can’t think of anything else on why the starter is making that loud noise upon starting only it starts up fine and runs fine it just makes that loud squeal…

I expect you got a faulty replacement starter. I’ve had that problem twice, so definitely not unheard of. Best bet to avoid this problem is to buy an oem replacement starter at Mazda. Aftermarket starters are a crap shoot at best.

I did a Google search on the number that was on the old starter and I found a starter exactly like the old one on Amazon I even went and took the new started to get tested and it was good… still think getting a starter from Mazda would resolve this?

Provided the installation was done correctly, yes. Don’t delay on this whatever you decide to do b/c damage to the flex-plate ring gear (mates to the starter gear) could occur. Replacing that part would mean removing the transmission.

I had that problem once, pulled the new starter motor, then thought I should be able to document my issue. So reinstalled the starter so I could video it and take it back to napa for a return. Putting it back in I paid more attention to the bolt holes, and getting them centered. Then it started up fine and has been good for the last 5 years. I did read on line about sometimes you need shims, not sure if it applicable in your case.

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I took it to a different mechanic he was able to swap out solenoid on the old starter for a used Kia starter solenoid And with that car started up with no grinding!! Now I just have to return the new starter I got from Amazon

I had that same exact scenario happen on my Corolla one time. Replaced unreliable starter w/aftermarket replacement. Aftermarket starter no good, still won’t crank. Took my original starter to an auto-electric specialty shop who installed new solenoid parts. Installed old starter, cranked like new. I don’t think this situation is uncommon at all. Good for you for getting it resolved. Best of luck.

I had a little dust-up w/the auto parts store about the faulty starter. Even tho they agreed it was faulty based on an in-store test fixture result, they refused to give me my money back. But after some “discussion” they agreed to give me a cash-card for the full amount that I could use to buy stuff in the store. That worked out ok.

btw, continuing to fix the starter when it fails by replacing the solenoid parts eventually won’t do the trick. There’s other failure modes, like the armature surfaces corrode, brushes wear out etc.