New "rocking" tires

Is it common for new tires to create a sideways rocking motion when driving on grooved highways?

My dealer told me after checking the alignment , re-balancing and lowering the tie pressure they need to “wear in”

I doubt this characteristic of the new tires will change with “breaking in”. Some tires are more prone to this than others. It relates to tread design, stiffness of the sidewall, and stiffness of the radial belts.

There are some bridges with metal “grate” type of surfaces that let water pass through. Some tires get very “squirrely” on these surfaces and others are virtually unaffected. You will likely get used to the this feeling of “rocking” as you realize it is not going to cause you to loose control of the car.

If it really bothers you, your only recourse might be to get a different set of tires.

What kind of car and what kind of tire displays this effect? The purpose of the Forum is to let everyone in on chacteristics that should be avoided. Try to help the other readers out,please.

2006 Toyata Avalon Bridgestone Potenza GO10 215/55R17 94V

Correction: GO19 (not GO10) 2006 Toyata Avalon Bridgestone Potenza (GO10) 215/55R17 94V

You might want to check the air pressure. If it is not correct (correct being the psi listed in the owner’s manual, or on a sticker on the car, not the max psi listed on the tyre itself) If you have the pressure set to the value on the tyre, that could explain the problem.

Don’t assume the tyre dealer set the right pressure, often they don’t.

You also could try rotating the tyres front to back, but I suspect that will not help.

I know big truck tires will sometimes be a bit more prone to “wobble” when new,never heard of it being much of a problem on autos.Sometimes wide base tires follow road irregularities more cant imagine why lowering air pressure would help -unless it was way to high to start with,besides you may get used to these tires behavior rather quickly,good luck-Kevin