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New exaust manifold headers

Why the new < O B X > e.m.headers have a BIGGER tread size for the o2 sensor??The original o2 sensor doesn’t fit,it is to small.93 saturn sc1.I tried to install a bigger size o2 sensor,i had from some other car,and fits.But of course it was just to check the tread.THANK YOU,AND HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY…

Autozone used to sell “universal” Oxygen sensors. They might still sell them, and might have one to fit your threads.

Why did you upgrade from an exhaust manifold to a header?

What makes you think it was an “upgrade”??

The fact that the new headers have bigger holes for the Oxygen sensors tells me it was probably an upgrade. Besides, my ability to read gibberish is a little rusty. I have never seen a header with a “tread.” I thought karting was trying to say “thread.”

I seriously doubt small 1993 Saturns came with headers. Isn’t there a difference between a header and a stock exhaust manifold? Am I using the terminology incorrectly?

Hi Whitey…i will call Auto Zone to see if they still sell "universal"o2 sensors.The reason i upgraded,is to get better torque.This engine has around 85 horse power,and is great on gas.This is for city driving only,so my goal is to improve the 0 to 50 time,and leave the fuel system,all original.

All you will get is a hole in your wallet and a lot of noise and heat.

Hi…this is a OBX exaust manifold header,that fits sohc Saturns from 93 to 99.It has 4 longer,and wider stainless steel pipes,and a wider then original flex pipe that goes in the cat.converter.The stock exhaust manifold was to heavy, and it wasn’t built to let the exaust move fast enough,that creates a back pressure in the system that reduces torque and horsepower.

Thanks…I already got the hole in the wallet,hopefully the exaust doesn’t make a lot of noise.