New Car

I have a Saab 9-5 and shes pretty much seen better days :frowning: I’m looking at getting a new car I was looking at a Volvo v70. Also im in college so not sure if it is to much of a family car. But I dont know if this is a good choice or if i should look at something different. I live in WI in the country and need a car that can get me though the snow too.

A good Subaru would probably be cheaper and more reliable than the Volvo. WRX if you want a turbo-charged experience.

Check with your insurer before you buy anything to see what it will cost. Wisconsin is quite flat. Do you need AWD? I imagine that a 2WD car will be just fine. Your 9-5 has worked for you, hasn’t it? The V70 was around for over a decade and it’s hard to figure out how much you are willing to spend. What is your price range? Do you really need a wagon?

Gee, I had no idea being a college student paid well enough to buy a new Volvo. But perhaps you mean “new to me,” and are looking at used Volvos. That’s even worse.

Personally, I would avoid Volvos because they’re so expensive to maintain. But then, maybe you’re used to that, being a Saab owner.

There are so many good cars out there. Why limit yourself to just one brand? Are you stuck on Swedish cars for some reason?

Shop around.

You can get through snow in just about anything as long as you equip it with FOUR winter tires. Good winter tires are more important than anything else in snow.

Price range for your purchase?

Years ago, the Volvo /SAAB mentality seemed a safe car purchase. Since cars in this generation are so tightly controlled by regulation, it’s pretty much a numbers game and the better products seem to be from those who have the most resources. Domestically named, Ford products. Their models throughout their product line seem to be safer buys. The problem is, mind set dies hard and a Ford or Toyota logo doesn’t have the same panache as a Volvo /SAAB with the crowd some hang out with. If that’s more important, go for it. If overall value and reliability is, more research is in order and your question is a good start.

College value cars are your Corrolla, Focus, Sentra type cars with 4 snow tires on rims for the winter. They aren’t as good as awd in snow, but at this stage many college students can’t afford the luxury. You may find you need a new group of friends…the practical ones.

if you’re having trouble paying for your SAAB’s repairs, you will have trouble with the Volvo as well.

Mazda and Ford make good products.

What’s your price range?