New car - AWD or FWD

I am looking for a new car and would like a car that is good in snow. We live in Wisconsin and like to ski. We also travel a lot and need a reliable car. My husband likes the outback - AWD. I like the Ford Fusion or Focus with AdvanceTrac electronic stability control. Are the Ford options as good on snow and ice as the AWD? Does anyone have a good recommendation for a car that can accommodate skis inside the car, drive well in the snow, get good milage, is reliable and safe - and one that my husband and I can agree on?

The Outback’s a great choice. Any fwd vehicle will also work with a set of 4 winter tires. Also available is an awd Fusion.

I would go with the Outback AWD. It takes a bit more maintenance due to the changing of differential fluids and such, but I would say that on the whole Subaru is a more reliable car. Ford still has a reliability stigma.


The new Ford Taurus SHO comes with AWD…oh wait, never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, you can get the Fusion with AWD, but it’ll require you to get the 3L v6(18/25/21mpg), and you might have to put in a dealer order and wait a couple months. The new Outback has a CVT option that gives it a 29mpg highway rating.
However, not all AWD systems are created equally. Some(not really sure how Ford’s is) use the FWD mode full time, then transfer power to the rears when it detects slipping. Subaru’s is a full time AWD, which requires more diligence in maintaining proper tire pressure and most shops will recommend you replace all 4 tires when you get a nail in the sidewall of 1.

I recommend the RAV 4…AWD…I