New brakes grind

I have a 98 Toyota Camery. When I heard a slight grinding sound from my disc brakes, I replaced the pads. That’s when my problem began. At very low speed during the last few feet before a complete stop, my brakes made a metal-on-metal grinding sound. I then replaced the rotors too. Still grinding. The semi-metallic pads have metal flecks in the composite material. I can see some have been dragged out of their place in the pad and scraped across the pad, presumably by the rotor when the grinding sound was produced. I replaced the original anti-squeal disks to the new pads which were not from Toyota. How can I stop this sound?

Use FACTORY pads. They cost just pennies more…

I was looking for better stopping power and my mechanic advised against “high performance semi-meatallic pads” as they wear the rotor down more rapidly and are not advised for my car. I also assume the extra friction would cause extra noise. Try regular non-metallic pads which should be cheaper anyway. You may also need to have a brake specialist check the system if it hasn’t been looked at by a brake technician.