New Brake Rotor Won't Fit

I successfully replaced the front rotors in my 2005 Nissan Altima last night. Tonight I’m working on replacing the rear’s pads and rotors. I’ve got the rear passenger side taken care of, but i’m stuck on the driver’s side. The new rotor simply won’t go back on. It will go on far enough so that the bolts are sticking through about a 0.25" but no further. The problem seems to be some sort of circular spring assembly ( behind the rotor. It is supposed to be circular, but seems a little oblong or maybe just out of place. I had a real tough time getting the old rotor off, and I’m wondering if I damaged that circular spring assembly.

What is the proper term for the “circular spring assembly” and what can I re-center it.

It’s called a parking brake shoe, or something like that. You should back it off with the adjuster. If it just looks like metal with no lining, you need a new one. You should get a manual if you do work on your car.

Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem by doing exactly what you said. This diagram was helpful ( incase other run into the same problem.

I plan on picking up a manual. What manual would you recommend? Haynes?