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New Borregos still available?

My wife and I were recently looking for a new “family” sized SUV, and came across the 2009 Kia Borrego. After a little research it appears that Kia decided 1 year was enough for this model. Now in 2010 (almost 2011) there are still new Borregos to be had. My question to everyone here is; What kind of problems could the vehicle have developed sitting at the dealership waiting to be sold? Are these SUVs not so fresh anymore? I see that not many have been sold, but for the money they appear to be a great SUV.

Regardless of condition, I would not buy a 1-year-only model. There is no other vehicle like it, no corresponding Hyundai. It’s a true orphan. Parts will be expensive, and will become hard to get in several years.

Agreed. No use buying a headache when you don’t have to. Stay away from the Borrego.

Agreed on parts may be more expensive. The vehicle is a victim of bad timing in economy and a dead segment.

If the price is good enough it may be worth it. 1 year old vehicle is indifferent. I own two Subaru’s that were sold to me 1 yr latter from build date and no issues after 6 years 90k miles on each.

Take a look at the Hyundai’s Veracruz CUV. It’s similar in size and capability, though NOT a twin.