New Battery from the inventor of the Lithium battery

This could be a game changer in battery technology.

94-Year Old Lithium-Lon Battery Inventor Unveils New Ultra-Efficient Glass Battery (


Clearly a serious step forward. Hopefully it will transfer quickly to a manufacturer capable of mass production.

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That’s been a large problem with other newer batteries. Graphene is one example. So far it’s proven to be very difficult to mass produce cheaply.

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John B. Goodenough

What a great name for an engineer! The battle to counter perfectionism in engineering is a struggle at times. One of my joking sayings- sometimes you have to shoot the engineers and go to market…

Perfection is the enemy of good enough…

Of course, the opposite is also true. Micros@ft tends to use their customer base as an extension of their product validation team…

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They’re still working on the cathode so we’ll have to wait and see if those issues can also be overcome…but it appears promising!

Agile pretty much eliminated either of those approaches. You develop in 2- 4 week sprints. Better accountability and easier to track. Management is NOT part of the Agile development team. All they do is dictate requirements. At any point in the Agile process - you can release a fairly stable product. It probably won’t have all the features, but it should be stable and relatively bug free. Lot better than trying to add all the features at once for a big race to the finish-line and hope everything works.

More info on the battery here. Apparently quite a bit of controversy over the claims:

I’m familiar. It’s certainly a step in the right direction but not a panacea for product development.

They may not be visible but they are there. They sign the paychecks. The program leads answer to them. The scrum masters answer to project leads. Nothing new under the sun…

Yes, it is better than the legacy approach. In my experience, a pure form of Agile works best for software projects. When we start mixing in hardware development, it gets very costly as we have numerous iterations of expensive hardware that is scrapped along the way. We use a kind of hybrid approach that works for us…

There should always be skepticism during any scientific endeavor. If other researchers try to duplicate the results with success then we can have more confidence in the glass battery. It appears that R&D on this technology is early enough that it will be many years before it makes it to market. Crab shell batteries are also a thing, and also very early in the R&D cycle.

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Agile is being applied to all sorts of things. My company does software AND hardware solutions. No problem with Agile being applied to either. Large commercial constructions are doing Agile.

No it is new. Developers are being held more accountable - especially by their peers. Every once in a while, I had to step in as manager for someone not performing. It’s usually caught early in the cycle.

How’s that working out at Boeing?

Sounds like an April Fools joke in the making.