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New battery already? Newly purchased used 2008 RAV4

Hi everyone, 6 weeks ago we purchased a certified Toyota RAV4. Today the battery died and Toyota service confirmed the lack of sufficient cold cranking amps. I want the dealer to replace it free of charge because they sold a car that did not meet this certification point: " Battery in good condition, has proper cold cranking amps and reserve capacity." The dealership is saying the battery was good at the time the car was certified. Shouldn’t a battery in a certified car last at Least more than 6 weeks? Thanks in advance!

You would think so, but it comes down to whatever the guarantee says. If they continue to refuse, you might want to get a battery from Walmart, much cheaper way to go. They’ve worked fine for me. I’d hate for the dealer to both stiff you on the old battery and make a killing on a new one.

Should the dealer replace the battery to keep a customer happy and maybe have them as a repeat customer? Yes, of course. What you are asking is not unreasonable.

Legally do the have to? That depends on the fine print of the “certification.” Generally, the answer is no.