Neighbor had 4 tires slashed

Police now arrested the guy and he is going to court. Ins company (claim was filed) paid for towing (directly) & for the tires less deductible.

DA’s office contacted the neighbor - should the neighbor pass it to Ins company to take it from there - or just ask the DA to pay the deductible of $100 - or get the full claim and pass the reminder to insurance co?

Will Ins co pay the deductible after recovering the full cost? Neighbor is with this Ins company for a while now - no agent though.

Thanks for tips and advice.

Contact the insurance company and go from there.

Insurance procedures will vary by state so I agree with Mr. Meehan.
What SHOULD be done is that the insurance company should pay for the damage and the jerk who did this should be made to not only reimburse the insurance company for actual repair costs but also made to pay some punitive damages to both the car owner and the insurance company for the aggravation. Triple damages would just about cover it.

The perp may be asked by the court to make restitution. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH. I’ve been waitng for two years for payback on a broken car window.

The insurance company should reimburse the deductible IF they recover the full cost.

I don’t quite understand this - “should the neighbor pass it to Ins company to take it from there” - since the insurance company is already involved.

And the DA will pay the deductible?

Anyway, we pay insurance premiums to handle these kinds of things so I don’t know why anyone would want to keep them out of it.

I think your neighbor is dreaming if s/he expects the DA’s office to pay the deductable. The neighbor will have to pay the deductible. The insurance company will pay the rest of the expenses. Give the DA the insurance company info, and give the insurance company the DA info including case number and the contact person at the DA’s office.

At that point that’s about all that can be done. If the perp is found guilty the court might order restitution payments and there will someone in the court who will determine what payment goes to you and/or the insurance company. Getting the deductible back seems like a long shot to me.