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Needed maintenence

Does my 2005 subaru forester need the power steering, brake system and transmission flushed as routine maintenance?

If it’s a Suburu? You want to do anything that MIGHT make that thing last.

But there’s no guarantee!


The manual’s pretty complete in describing what you need to do, with the exception of transmission fluid changes. I just did mine at 45k.

A 2005 is now about 5 to 6 years old. Most mfg’rs recommend brake fluid changes every 3 years for cars with ABS brakes and traction control systems. You are due for your second brake fluid change.

If the transmission fluid has never been changed, it is due. 5 years is likely more than 30K miles and therefore it is due or overdue.

Power steering systems need less maintenance. I usually do not change power steering fluid. Changing the PS fluid at 5 years isn’t going to hurt.

Order of priorities; brake fluid first, transmission a close second, and PS a distant 3rd.

Subaru included an owner’s manual with your car. In that manual it list all the needed maintenance, with one possible exception. I would suggest changing (not flushing) the transmission fluid (including cleaning the filter) about every 30-50,000 miles for cars with automatic transmissions.

Generally any flush (other than brakes) is an unnecessary profit tool)