Need your opinion

Let’s just be clear though, the hourly rate doesn’t just cover the labor involved, but equipment cost, training, building, overhead, insurance, taxes, necessary profit, etc. Got the bill for the wife’s MRI that was 30 minutes. $3000. Stuff is not cheap and going up.


A seasoned AND good mechanic . . . just because you’re seasoned doesn’t mean you’re good . . . can EASILY flag 12hrs in an 8hr period, if not more

AC evaporator replacement is a good example

On some older cars, the job is extremely labor intensive, often 12 hours or more of labor

I did several jobs which paid 16hrs, but got it done in 8hrs time

I did the job, replaced all the parts, etc.

No shortcuts

Yeah, I was fast, due to motivation, efficiency and experience

I fully expected and got paid my 16 hours

No ifs ands or buts

it’s not bragging if you can back it up . . . I think a famous athlete said that

Hoping her scan turned up nothing. Best wishes.

I suspect a torn ligament but Doc says no. What do I know?