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Need to replace clock in center of dashboard on 2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

The clock in the center of the dashboard in my 2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport has been bad for about a year and I would like to replace and or repair it. The Subaru dealership nearby wants about $77.00 for the new clock part and then there is labor which I can do myself. A used clock from another 2002 Subaru would have the same issue as the clock I had in this car in that it would also be 12 years old. What are my alternatives? I imagine there are refurbished clocks out there which would cost less which I could put in to save money. Just wondering if there is someone who has already gone through this process of trying to fix this thing. Thanks.

At $77 for a new clock why bother looking for anything else? Provided you can fix it or have someone do it for you.

I would not bother to fix a clock on a 12 year old car. If you need the time buy a GPS for the same money, it will give you the time and you will have a GPS

Having a bad clock is a very common issue for the Soobs. Here is a link you can view and possibly fix yours also. You just need a small solder iron and some solder to make the repair.

I would look on They are a network of all of the wrecking yards.
W hen I have previously bought Subaru OEM, I went to Chaplin’s Subaru in Bellevue, WA, online store… Then recently, I found that Subaru of Puyallup, WA was even lower in price. They have the clock for $52.00, plus shipping, and WA sale tax.

I have 2003 OBS, with 199,000, and Monday, a great Asian Auto Repair Shop outside of Tacoma, WA is putting in a rebuilt long block from SSI Subaru Specialists, which I found on E-Bay. I have had oil leaks from the notorious head gaskets for 8 years, and besides a complete rebuild on an Engine (cylinder walls not touched, completely rebuilt heads) that had only 52K on it, it has the MLS Six Star head gaskets that the Independent Subaru Repair shops prefer.

If anyone needs to do an engine in their Subaru, and doesn’t want to break the Bank, this is the way to go. Getting an engine from a wrecking yard is a waste of money, as the Head Gaskets will still be bad, and they would have to be replaced before dropping it into the car. My costs, without shipping, and core return, was $2.075, and it is better than factory, with the Six Star Gaskets. I was not going to dump my car. It has too many high quality parts: EBC Sport Rotors, a 1 year old Clutch, and some Tranny repair, new Falkan tires, two new wheels, new CV, Axle, Ball Joints, an all Aluminum, dual core radiator, rebuilt AC condenser, and a set of new KYB struts what will go in after the engine is done, by my private mechanic that charges $30/hr. I am a Real Estate Appraiser, and I want all wheel drive, and I never owned anything but a manual Transmission. So, she stays around for a long time. Even with a total engine replacement bill with labor of under $4,000, it is still much better than finding another OBS for $8,000 plus. It will still have the factory Head Gaskets.

Hope this info helps on some issues. BTW. I don’t benefit in any way from the places that I recommended.