Need Solution to Fix Broken Door Panel

Pulled the door panel off and popped all but two of the plastic rivets out successfully. On the two that failed, the rivets actually came out intact but the ~2" tall plastic “volcanoes” (I’ll call them) which are integral to the door panel and hold the rivets had their heads sheared off (meaning the rivets cannot be reattached because only half the volcano is still attached to the door panel and on one of them the quarter-size flat top is completely missing). My plan was to place a ~2" tall piece of PVC tubing around each volcano using it as a form and then fill each one up completely with Bondo. The remnants of each volcano would provide internal “grab” for the newly-formed Bondo pillars. Then, I would affix a piece of heavy-duty Velcro to the tops of these pillars and, together with a receptacle piece stuck to the metal door panel, this would replace the lost rivet connections. Problem is, I called Bondo and their tech guy said Bondo wouldn’t stick to the plastic. Now, I’m not so sure it really NEEDS to stick to the plastic (though that would certainly be better). Might be good enough just to harden like a rock continuosly AROUND the plastic volcano remnants.

But if I can’t use Bondo what else could I use?

When I was a kid I remember building a circuit tester in the 7th grade that had a long narrow circuit board, a small lamp, and two probes. After building the board and attaching the probes we dropped the crude tester head first into a hole in the center of a wood block mold. Then, the instructor came by and poured epoxy (I think it was) into the hole. The next day it was hard as a rock. I probably could use that stuff too, if I knew exactly what it was…

I’m having a hard time visualizing your solution, but a two-part epoxy may work. You can find dispensing/mixing hypodermic dispensers at any WalMart or parts store.

I think there are different types of epoxy. What you find at Wal-mart is a glue. I don’t think that’s what I want. One recommendation was “Dynatron 660” or “660 Dynatron” - which is an epoxy used to repair cars. Doesn’t appear to be sold in any stores. It’s a “professional” product used in paint shops, etc.