Need Help!

Three weeks ago my car was totaled in a wreck. The person that hit me insurance company has paid off and I am looking at buying a 2001 firebird. I would love to get any advice anyone can give me of any major problems I may be riding into.

I have heard that the heater hose are custom and if it needs to be replaced it it is next to imposible because the GM plant are the only ones that have them and they are backup for like three mounths. Is this true?

Just need some help. Don’t wont to buy a lemon.

Are you planning to get a professional mechanic to do a used car inspection?I hope so,then you can ask him all the questions you want,you will be paying for it.

Yes I am having a mechanic look at it tomarrow, But nothing beats someone who has had that make of car and how they handled the the problems and would they buy the car again if they had to do it over again. Have you heard of any major problems with this type of car? thanks for your response.

Make sure you get the V8. The LS1 is pretty beastly, even in stock form. Fuel economy will be about the same for either engine with a manual. With the automatic the V6 does a little better.

alright thanks.