Need help with Electriacal problems (expedition) Please help!

I have a 1999 expedition that has a leak somewhere on the top on the drivrs side. It rained bad for a few days and now the truck is acting crazy!!! It tried to start itself over and over again a week ago and didnt stop until it killed the starter and we unplugged the battery we got the starter fixed and then it rained again and thats when it dot bad again the spedometer doesnt work the odometer flashes the overdrive button blinks off the 4x4 light flashes and you can uyse the wipers or open the windows if the headlights are on!! someone please help i need somekind of answer I have only had this truck and barely finished paying for it!! what can I do???

“I have a 1999 expedition that has a leak somewhere on the top on the drivrs side.”

The top (roof) of the car on the driver’s side?
The top of the engine on the driver’s side?
A water leak?
A coolant leak?
An oil leak?

Even though I am not sure I understand where the leak is, or what is leaking, it is clear that you have some serious electrical issues that need to be attended to. Most likely, the leak is affecting your electrical system, but this is not the type of thing that can be traced over the internet. You need to take the car to a competent mechanic, so that he can go over all of the wiring with an electrical meter in order to localize the source of the problem.

I suggest that the only driving you should do is to drive the truck directly to the mechanic. The blinking O/D light indicates an electrical/electronic fault in the transmission’s controller, and continuing to drive the truck like this will result in mechanical damage to the trans. With any luck, resolving the underlying electrical problem will also resolve the transmission problem.

If the vehicle has a remote starter system and/or a security system, that could be the source of the problem–especially if it is an aftermarket system, but that is just a guess. Take the truck to a well-reputed independent mechanic (NOT to Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, or any other chain operation). The best place would be a shop that specializes in auto electrical systems, if you have one of those in your area.

Good luck!

Hmmmm…Were those questions too difficult for the OP to answer?

I guess that this post is another one of those “drive-by” questions with no return or response from the OP.

This might be one of the years that had a problem with a leaky windshield seal & rain water dripping on the interior fuse panel. This causes all sorts of electronic crazyiness

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