NEED HELP FAST! 2001 Kia Sephia

We lost the serpentine belt to our 2001 Kia Sephia a few days ago…the belt has been ordered (we live in Germany currently), but has not yet arrived…my daughter’s 8th birthday party is tomorrow at a pool about 45 minutes away…will my car make it there and back seeing as it will be running 100% off the battery and safely?


Don’t dare try it!! The belt drives accessories, like the all important water pump. My timing belt guide, by Gates, does not indicate that the water pump is driven by the timing belt. This means the serpentine belt drives the water pump. Without the water pump working, this engine will FRY IN IT’S OWN COOLANT, AND DESTROY THIS ENGINE!!!

Can you make arrangements to rent a car for the day? No, your car is out of service until you get the serpentine belt replaced.

Not a chance.

As has already been stated, your cooling system won’t work properly and you’ll overheat and destroy the engine if you attempt to drive it for more than a few minutes. You’ll need to either rent a car, or borrow someone else’s car for the day.

You don’t even need to think about even driving this car around the block in this condition because not only are you not going to make it you’re also very likely to create some expensive damage.

The parts situation in Germany is so bad that someone can’t match up a serpentine belt?

Absolutely not. Take the train, rent a car, or take a taxi.

Thank you to all who answered…Germany isn’t like the US where you can just walk into an auto parts store and pick up what you need…everything has to be special ordered from the dealer or from the mechanic on the base…and then don’t even think about doing that on the weekend as no one is open…I usually love this about Germany, but will not miss it when we leave as it is not convenient at all!! We do have a second vehicle, that we can go in, it’s just that we more passengers than seats in that vehicle and so must make different arrangements now at the last minute…thanks again!!

I just hope your talking about originally planning to use both cars, and now short one. The Kia Sephia seats 5 max, and that includes 2 adults up front and 3 kids in the back. Just about any other car, except 2+2 sports cars, can handle this same load. Any more than that, and I’d look into a mini-van or large SUV.

Surely, there are stores which sell such basic automotive supplies as engine drive belts, at any time, even in Germany. There are numerous brands of belts. The belt doesn’t have to come from Kia, or Hyundai.
Here is a link which shows the belt(s) for your car – with, or without A/C. On belt part numbers, three digits of the part number tell the size (circumference) of the belt. For the Kia, if your car has A/C, the belt size is: 4 ribs wide (flat) by 42.5 inches (1080 millimeters) in circumference. Without A/C, it is 36.5 inches (927 millimeters) in circumference. With A/C, and no power steering (P/S), it is 37.7 inches (958 millimeter) in circumference.
From non-U.S. suppliers, the part number may indicate metric measure (in millimeters). So, 42.5 inches is 1080 millimeters.
Your car may be missing a vee-belt (vee shaped in cross section). The same part numbering applies about vee-belt circumference