Need Help ASAP!

I bought a certified pre-owned Acura a little more than a year ago and the dealership said they put brand new tires on the car for me. Now, a year and 4 months later the tires need to be replaced! I went to the dealer and they said that going through tires in about 20,000 miles was normal. I didn’t think that was the case so I researched the tires they put on the car and THEY ARE SNOW TIRES. I bought the car in May and they put snow tires on the car… stupid on their part. What should I do? They are refusing to do anything. Normal tires should go about 40,000 miles.

Well if your tires are worn out I think you should buy a new set of tires.

Wearing out a set of snow tires in 20,000 miles isn’t unusual if they are used year round, especially during hot dry summer months. Perhaps they installed the tires on the car in February and the car didn’t sell until May. Perhaps they saw that the car needed tires and had a set of snow tires that they couldn’t get rid of any other way, given that it was May. Maybe they weren’t paying attention and it was an honest mistake. Or maybe they don’t care. On the other hand I’m wondering why you would buy a car with snow tires on it.

If they put snow tires on the car a year and a half ago and you’re just now noticing I don’t see where they should do anything either. It was a year and a half ago.

Buy some tires and move on.

I doubt very seriously there is anything that you can do.

How many miles on the car?
Both fronts and backs worn out?
Tires worn out everywhere or do they have certain wear patterns such as cupping , inner or outer edges being worn off, and so on?
What brand and model of tires is it?

As noted, please provide the brand and model of tires that the dealer installed.

I have had snow tire go in 20k. The snows that I have found that last the longest are the I-pike.

Your acura propably uses special tires compared to my junkers too.

If only everyone’s problems were so small.

“Normal tires should go about 40,000 miles.”

Well, first you have to realize that there is no definition for “normal” tires.
If you mean tires that are not rated for winter use, those tires could last anywhere from 18k miles to…perhaps…70k miles, with “performance:” tires being at the low end of the spectrum and some premium Michelin tires being at the other end of the spectrum.

In any event, this was a used car, and because it was one of the CPO used cars, it undoubtedly came with some type of warranty, but I would be extremely surprised if that warranty covered tires, and even if it did cover tires, I doubt that it would cover them for 16 months.

While I am empathetic with the OP, the reality of the situation is that he/she did not find fault with the tires on this used car for well over a year, and I don’t think that there is any possibility of getting satisfaction on this type of complaint at this point.

As was already mentioned, it would be helpful if the OP could post the brand name and model name of those tires.

I also would like to know exactly what tire was installed.

The tires on my Acura MDX have tended to last around 30,000 miles, so there’s a chance that your expectation of 40,000 miles is a bit high.

I bought a car in June and it had blizzak winter tires on it. Owner included set of summer tires also. I put the summer tires on. Some sellers are cheap. I bet the dealer had some extra winter tires in stock and put them on your car. Since you did research on them, what size are they?

Your problem is not really a problem at all. I went through a set of “run flat” tires in just 16,000 miles but I am still ticked at that some 12 years later. As others have already stated…move on.

I would ‘trust’ the dealer…to put on the cheapest set of tires they had available. Not a problem.

What should I do? They are refusing to do anything.

When you bought the car it had new(ish) tires with tread of “legal” depth? You visually verified this? If so the dealer won’t do anything, nor would they be required to over a year later. Get new tires of your choice and move on. And what’s with the “need help ASAP” this in no way constitutes anything needing an ASAP responce.

I have bought a few cars with performance tires. I was lucky to get 25k miles out of them.

Stop whining and buy a set of new tires! In the automotive world, tires are considered to be “normal replacement items”…Just do it!

It’s too bad you didn’t realize that you had snow tires when you bought the car. You could have bought new tires and saved the tires for use in the winter months. I once bought a car in May from a used car dealer and it had studded snow tires on the back (the days of rear wheel drive). The dealer offered to replace them, but I argued for a better price, bought 2 new tires and saved the snow tires for winter use.

Snow tires are clearly marked M+S on the sidewall. It was there for you to see. If it is not mentioned in your warranty- Caveat Emptor.

Neither the Goodyear or Michelin tires on my last two new cars made 30000 miles. Some Acuras corner very well, if you take advantage of that, tire life suffers.

“It’s too bad you didn’t realize that you had snow tires when you bought the car.”

This episode causes me wonder how much due diligence the OP did, prior to buying the car.
I believe that the aura that mistakenly surrounds “CPO” used cars is such that many buyers don’t bother to examine these cars very closely–and that would be a major mistake, as the OP has belatedly discovered.

We live in an age when slick advertising–for Carfax, magical devices to improve gas mileage, and CPO used cars–has apparently lulled people into not doing sufficient due diligence before spending their hard-earned money. Discovering that something is amiss more than one year after purchase does not say much for the buyer’s approach to examining a car prior to purchase.

Caveat emptor!

The RDX has been known to keep up with Miatas on twisty roads. Such handling comes at the price of enhanced wear on tires. If you want longer life tires on that car, be prepared to pay. I’ve had good luck with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires on my Acura TL, but you’re looking at about $1,000 installed for all 4.