Need Expert Advise on 1991 chey s10

my truck is a 2.8 liter. I need to know how the timming gears face. So i can set the timming on it.

The direction that the timing gears face has nothing whatsoever to do with setting the timing (I’m assuming you mean ignition timing). You’re talking about two unrelated things here.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Timming? Is that the wheelchair-bound kid on South Park?

The timing gear should have a timing mark on the face. Typically a dimple that should be pointing up to match the timing dimple on the crank gear that should also be pointing up. They will form a line through the crank, marks, and cam centerlines.

Trying to set the crankshaft and camshaft gears. I just followed the directions and the diagram on this manuel i bought from autozone, also im trying to set the ignition timing im also having a hard time with that too?

theres no dipple on the camshaft theres a line . But the crank does have one.