Need Advice


2003 Chevy Trailblazer Just recently it runs like a dog, no pick-up when I hit the gas and gas mielage is down. It seems to be running alright otherwise. Thoughts anyone??


I would suspect either a fuel pressure problem or possibly a clogged catalytic converter. Any Check Engine Light on and how many miles on this vehicle?

Normally a fuel delivery problem may cause some bucking and jerking and a clogged cat may cause a general sluggishness along with a fuel mileage drop.

A fuel pressure check and also a fuel volume check should be performed as it is possible to have a weak pump or clogged filter and the vehicle may not stutter any. (When was the fuel filter last changed?)
The converter can be tested with a vacuum gauge and if the vehicle has less than 80k miles on it then Fed. Emissions Warranty should pay for it if that is the problem.


I bought it used in July so not sure when fuel filter last changed. It currently has 62 K. It doesnt buck or jerk at all just doesnt have the guts that it had. No check engine light or any other signs of motor distress


At this point I would drop by a local AutoZone, Checkers, Advance Auto, etc. and have them pull any codes. They will do this for you free. It might be worth a look just to see if anything is hiding in the memory.

If nothing is present the first thing I would do if the vehicle was mine would be to put a vacuum gauge on it and check for a clogged converter.
Many mechanics do not use a vacuum gauge for some reason, but I happen to think they’re one of the handiest tools around. They can reveal so much with very little effort.

A vacuum gauge is inexpensive and you could perform this check yourself if you want to.


I would add that it would be a good idea to service the car. That would include pugs and wires all filters and fluids etc. Do any service that you don’t know has already been done.