Need advice on next family SUV

Smaller version of the Rogue, if I remember correctly, it was the basic 2wd trim only.

There are no Rogue Sport with manual transmission listed anywhere in the country, new or used, on Autotrader.

This Nissan dealership website implies the 2022 Rogue Sport had a manual transmission option. But as far as finding one available for sale configured that way, I’m not seeing anything either.

“buyers will choose a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT)”

It’s not about occasional hiccups - they may happen with every brand - but first, they are A LOT less likely to happen with Toyota, Toyota doesn’t ignore it’s rare issues for decades unlike, for example, Subaru with head gaskets but also takes care of its - again - extremely rare defects. In my case, honda did not behave like it used to and like I would expect. I remember back in 1991(?), my friend’s Acura differential blew up. Honda replaced the trans no questions asked AT IT’S OWN INITIATIVE because the car was nearly ten years old with 180,000 miles. Their justification was “it’s not a wear item and should last indefinitely”. Exactly. Telling me “tough stuff” because the car was a few miles out of warranty was rude, inconsiderate, and ford-like. Yes, honda had the right to refuse assistance just like I have the right not to come close to it ever again AND share my sad story. With my background in automotive industry, you can imagine how many people I know did not buy honda because of me.

Listen to you friends! Both vw and nissan are junk. With vw being the worst of the two. Every single list of the worst of the worst includes a couple of nissans. Not the best track record…