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Need Advice for Choosing a New Car

Recently my husband suggested he sell his 2005 Ford Truck (the small variety they don’t make anymore) and he take on my car (2005 Scion XB named TukTuk) and I should buy a new car. His truck is not so hot. It needs some work to AC which, although not a show stopper, might be a sign that is it starting down that pathway of needing more and more repairs. My car, TukTuk is a trooper. Over 170K and still runs great. I adore it.

My first inclination is ‘find your own car, dude; I’m not giving up Tuk’ which isn’t really one of those things you want to start a conversation with in a marriage.

So I’m thinking - what kind of car could possibly replace TukTuk in my heart? I do not like the current XB design - they have gotten all big and puffy and gross looking. (sorry Scion Industrial Design team)

My biggest mileage hit is my work commute @15 miles 1 way highway mostly.

I like the idea of an electric car. But, Toyota Prius is pretty dull body shape and to be honest, over priced because of their popularity. The Nissan Leaf is okish; but again a pretty dull looking car. Smart Cars are cute and they have an electric model.

Any users out there with any advice?

I’d say…keep Tuk Tuk…
AND the Ranger.
The Ranger is a pretty durable pickup and I think you should invest in repairing and keeping it.

My son and his husband just bought their first ever. After spending fifteen years in San Francisco they moved to Toledo Ohio. Shopping around frisco didn’t please their fancy but they found a nice Jeep Liberty after they got to Toledo.

If you were to car shop , I’d take your sweet time untill something floats your boat.
These things are so subjective, we could never advise you right.
My wife likes her 06 Escape hybrid…she doesn’t like the new ones.

The Prius C is small and starts at $20,000. That is one possibility. I assume you meant the heritage Prius, which is larger and gets a little worse gas mileage than the Prius C. Take a look at the Mazda3 too.

Kia Soul might be close to tuk-tuk. But count me in as another vote to keep the ranger. Tuk-tuk is not a spring chicken either and you need to save for 2 cars now.

I think those Honda Fits are pretty cool looking. It may come as a hybrid, not sure. The best value overall from a total cost perspective is probably either the Corolla or the Civic gasoline versions. If you like the square look, a Toyota Matrix is basically a Corolla.

Not sure on exact timing for the U.S. but there is a EV version of the Soul coming soon. The Nissan Cube might also be something to look at.

Avoid the Smart. The electric version is too slow to keep up with normal freeway traffic. It would be a horrible commuter car. The Leaf is just about so-so. There is an electric Fit arriving soon (may already be here.) The Fit is a super car but I have read nothing about the electric yet. On the whole, I think you’d find a hybrid a better bet. A pure electric is just too limited. The Prius may be dull but it is good, much better than the slightly cheaper Prius C, a car that drives badly and feels cheaply made. Even Consumer Reports doesn’t like it, and they love the regular Prius. For plug-in hybrids there is the Chevy Volt. Kind of expensive and cramped, but at least it has some electric only range. The plug-in Prius is just silly. It’s range is just too short to warrant the price.

As a commuter car, the Fit is a good choice. So are the Mazda2, Hyundai Accent (and Veloster), Kia Rio, maybe a Toyota Yards (mixed feelings.) Most of these are quite small, if not as tiny as your xB. The Mazda may be the smallest, and it is cute and a great value. The Fiat 500 is a bit overpriced for a very basic car. The others I listed cost about the same, drive better, and have more standard equipment. If you want a really tiny car, there is also the Scion IQ. It’s too tiny for talking me, but if you and your husband are both short and narrow you might like it. The back seat is useless. Just fold it down and forget it exists. The Scion xD is more closely related to the old xA, but it’s a cousin of your old xB, if not as tall and boxy. The Kia Soul is a similar shape to your xB, but much larger. The Fit is like your car in seeming bigger inside than out. I bet you’d like it.