Need a Vehicle Recommendation

I have car issues. I need something that will allow for a car seat in the middle using LATCH, a car seat on one side using LATCH, and the final 3rd part of the back seat to fold down so that my service dog can get air conditioning and so that I can reach him when I need assistance while driving. I currently drive a Toyota RAV4 with a 2/3 vs 1/3 folding back seat but I cannot fold the 1/3 down with a car seat in the middle. Any suggestions? I currently don’t have any preferences as to make or model but am trying to avoid the “minivan” if possible. Thanks!

Should I already know what “LATCH” means?

You should try something one time - take the car seats and the dog and whatever other stuff you often have and go to a few dealer lots (whether you want to buy from them or not). Put it all into a minivan and see how it all feels. You might get over whatever the minivan hangup is. I’m not sure that any minivan seats are designed in quite the way you describe though - except I can’t really understand what you are describing.

Cigroller has a good idea. You might want to try the Kia Sedona. With Captain seats in the first two rows the dog could easily hang out either between those middle row seats or all the way back on the bench seat. My Golden Retriever is quite fond of sleeping in the back although I have a Trajet a Hyundai version of the mini van with doors that open rather then slide. If that is not what you want look for that seating configuration in another car.

The CRV has a 40/20/40 fold down rear seats which allow the center to be dropped for pass through and air passage and 40/60 fold up. If, that’s what your talking about ?

FYI, LATCH is the current standard mounting system for child seats. Two steel loops near the base of the seat belts that the child seat clips to.

Our 60lb Lab/Golden mix lies down between the two Captain’s chairs in my wife’s 06 Toyota Sienna. The biggest advantage of a minivan is when the kids are old enough to fight, they can be separated. I believe Mazda has a smaller/more manageable minivan.

Ed B.

If you don’t ike minivans, try the Ford Flex; it’s the most like the old style station wagon and has tons of room inside. As advised, take all your “stuff” with you and try it out.

That’s much better than us here trying to exactly advise you what you will like.

Audi has a suv with three way split seats if you have a large budget