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Need a second opinion

I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix. I had the oil changed at a local store two weeks ago. A couple of hours after I left my ABS brake light went on with my no traction light and check tire pressure. When I got home the lights were all off. I have never had a problem with my car at all! Two weeks later I had the lights come on again and they stayed on for about ten minutes. I was thinking about trading this is for a new car since I had a new job. When the guy looked at my car to find out my trade in value, He informed me that my driver side rear strut was pushed into my trunk of my car. I brought it to one of my personal mechanics and he has never seen one that bad pushed in. My strut was literally in my truck and it was not repairable. I am pretty sure the local store who changed my oil caused this but hear there is nothing I can do about? I was wondering if there is anything I could technically can do?

@cbogie92 why are you so sure the local shop buggered up your strut?
I’ve racked thousands of cars, and I think the only way that might happen is if you try to lift the car DIRECTLY under the strut. I’ve never worked with anyone that retarded, and I’ve worked next to some dim bulbs.

The car is 15 years old and you have not stated if you live in the Rust Belt or whether the upper strut mount/strut tower on the car is rusted or if the strut cartridge blew out of the housing.
I’m having a hard time seeing this being caused by the people who did the oil change.

Perform an internet search “Grand Prix strut tower rust” and you’ll see it’s a common problem.

Like ok4450 & Nevada, I suspect that this situation took place because of excessive rusting of the car’s chassis/undercarriage. When rust becomes so severe that struts come through the strut tower, the car is almost surely ready to go to the wrecker/junkyard.

If the OP decides to keep driving this car, I STRONGLY suggest that he/she have a competent mechanic (NOT a quick oil change shop) inspect the brake lines and fuel line for rust damage, as those are significant safety hazards.

No, I don’t see how the oil change shop could have caused this damage.

Dodge minivan front towers rust bad also. Why does a billion dollar company build cars that rust out in 10 years? A shock tower is a safety issue. I am annoyed when rocker panels rust but a shock tower?