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Need a new car

I need a new car with 4 wheel drive, moonroof, leather seats, mp3 comp, and a back end (hatch) I can use to carry plants and boxes, and great gas mileage. No more than 38,000. Is there a car for me?

I like the new Subarus a lot. You can probably get a new loaded Legacy for 28,000 and put the other 9,000 in the bank.

The Subaru is actually a CAR! Most of the others with those features are trucks or SUVs with less capable handling.

The Legacy is only available as a sedan with a trunk, and thus it fails the “hatch” requirement.

On the other hand, the new Subaru Outback has all of the features that the OP specifies, including great gas mileage if he opts for the 4 cylinder model with the CVT. It is rated at 22 mpg city/29 mpg highway, which is very high for an SUV.

Audi A4 Wagon. It gets 23 MPG average (21 city, 27 hwy).

great gas mileage and 4wd don’t usually go together in a sentence. Closest you’ll come is the Escape Hybrid with 30/27/29 city/highway/combined while the normal 4cyl will get you 20/26/22. You can get the hybrid limited 4x4 for about $35k. A 4cyl limited 4x4 will run you about $30k. Both come standard with SYNC for your ipod and such.
Since you’re looking to carry plants and such around, I’d recommend getting the cargo tray(or whatever it’s called) that fits in the area behind the back seats and maybe even the cargo net, to help keep things from sliding around too much.

The Subaru Legacy sedan with the CVT transmission and AWD rivals the Camry and Accord for mileage. Otherwise, Toyota Venza in awd is much bigger and with 4 cyl offers combination of more room and economy than most other makes.

The OP stated that he/she wants a vehicle with a “hatch” that enables easy carrying of cargo.
That is why I recommended an Outback, rather than a Legacy sedan, even though they are the same mechanically.

What about a 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor. Is this a good car? Sorry but I don’t know much about car issues.

or Outlander???

The Endeavor gets louse gas mileage: 17 MPG average (15/19). The Outlander mileage is a bit better, but still not very good: 20 avg. (18/24).