Need a consensus of experts

We had a woman post a few months ago that she paid 2300.00 for a new main battery pack, is this in line with the prices you are being quoted?

Generaly it doesn’t go over good saying you ignore a “check engine” light, it allows the mind to wander and think other things are neglected.

Yes, that figure is about ballpark for a Prius battery.

Your mechanics have not served you well, including the “Toyota” mechanic. The problems are beyond their competence; else, these problems with the car would not have continued so long without resolution. A competent mechanic knows how to resolve these problems ----- and, the cost wouldn’t be that great.

I agree. Coming to a forum where most participants are car lovers, certain responses are predictable. It happens to men all the time.

I think that back in 2001 you did make a good choice in selecting the Prius. The repair record in Consumer Reports indicates that these cars have been relatively trouble free as compared to many other makes.

I suffer from a genetic deficiency that I inherited from my parents and have passed on to my son–we are all teachers. Your parenthetical statement “I enjoy teaching algebra” suggests that you may also be suffering with this problem. There is no cure. My son earned a master’s degree from a seminary in children’s ministry. While he was looking for the right church, he took an interim job teaching in a private school. Five years later, he is still teaching and took evening and summer courses to obtain certification to teach in the public schools. In my own case, I thought I had been spared this genetic deficiency. However, I accepted a teaching assistantship to finance my graduate education and my genetic issues were apparent. I became hooked on teaching. At one point, I was offered a position in industry that would have almost tripled my salary, but I turned it down. Stay on the path that brings you the most satisfaction in life.

I think you should keep the Prius for now. See if a local muffler shop can help with the catalytic converter. Also, have it checked for other DTCs. The check engine light on for so long may have other codes pop up since the last check. But, if it is still getting 50 mpg, the hybrid system is still working. If the hybrid battery goes, the car will revert to ‘gasoline engine only’, and you’ll probably see 25 mpg or slightly better. So the Honda still will not be an advantage. I don’t understand that if the car is running OK, why do you have a loaner?

From the sound of it, a higher power will be taking care of the Lady’s transportation needs shortly…Just as well…

Thanks, Triedaq. Your comments made me think of the phrase “bitten by the teaching bug”. I AM a “natural-born” teacher. I’d forgotten. Wouldn’t it be funny if I DID end up a Franciscan (teaching) nun. As far as my car situation goes, it looks like we’re trading in my Prius for a “new” 2009 Chevy Aveo (i.e. Daewoo). Fewer than 100 miles on it, and after trade-in the out-the-door price is below $9000. As the process unfolds, the knot in my stomach is loosening.
Anyway, thanks again.

“…it looks like we’re trading in my Prius for a “new” 2009 Chevy Aveo (i.e. Daewoo).”

FWIW, Daewoo is significantly better since it was rescued by GM. Good luck with your new ride. It’s by no means an inspired ride, but you should have good luck with it. MSN Autos shows it to have very few problems in all categories. Edmunds expects the repairs to be under $900 during the first 5 years, and mainteneance at about $4150 for the same period (back loaded).

Wow, wow, and wow again. I am seriously impressed. Keep up the good work.

Congrats on the new Aveo.