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Mysterious non starting car

in 2003 i bought a 2000 kia sportage with 12000 miles. i got the car on a thursday night and that friday morning drove from ft.lauderdale to ft.myers fl. stopped at a friends for lunch. and upon leaving the car would not start. called for roadside and when they arrived the car started right up. got home and in the morning it happened again and again the car started when the tow truck got there . this went on for 3 weeks 2wice it managed not to start when the tow truck arived and once at the dealer. they changed everything except the engine itself. all the way to the computer. and the problem persisted. in the end i had this car fo 30 days and it spent 20 of those days at the dealer. i made them give me a new car.

While you have given a lot of information, it is not the information we need to help you understand this problem. However the fact that you no longer own this car suggests to me that you no longer have a problem, as my old dad used to say, are you complaining or bragging?