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Mysterious noise under load

i had distributor problems in June, they replaced cap and rotor they told me the distributor might need to be replaced down the road, i replaced at the time plugs, wires,ignition coil. 3 weeks ago the car started spitting and sputtering again with some intermittent noises, i took it to a garage that Saturday they replaced the distributor then i started getting a wining noise under load, with all different tones, since then i replaced tension pulleys to power steering, a c unit, timing belt kit and pulleys, water pump, drove the with alternator belt and a c belt off and still get the noise, so today i took it back to the garage they replaced the distributor again [ rebuilt as before] i still have the noise it reminds me of a bad alternator , the noise will start after 1/2 mile of driving and fluctuates up down and different tones [ could be a bad batch of rebuilt distributors ]or what could it be ,people and animals look when i drive if i take my foot of the gas it stops. HELP ME FROM THIS DEMON WITH IN MY CAR remember it started with the rebuilt distributor

So how do you know the noise is not your alternator?

i took the belt off and drove

i took the belts off the alternator and air conditioner and drove it , and still had the noises .

Have you looked for a vacuum leak?

could the timing belt be too tight?

If the noise is still active after stopping, it should be easy to find with your head under the hood. Rev the engine manually using the accelerator cable pulley on the throttle body and see what you can hear.

this is noise that is loud , only when the gas is on and changes different tones

i had the noise before and after the timing belt change

you haft to put the brake on and gas to get the noises