Mysterious Bent Frame (No Accident, One Owner)

I dunno, mine showed up as abnormal rear tire wear-as in worn octagon shape in 20,000 miles. I guess I’d have a good body/frame shop look at it for any missing welds, etc. But that would be pretty hard in the days of robot welders. Someone ought to be able to see where the stress is/was I would think.


My bad. I’d have to say no to hitting something hard enough to bend it like that in a way that was undetectable.


Just another thought. Others like the bodymen here know more but the unibodies rely on all of the parts working together for a solid structure. So to me that might include glass not properly adhered, roof members, and so on. Kind of hard to see without tearing the thing apart.


Thanks all! If anyone has any suggestions on what to ask the body shop to look for (for instance, damage in the areas that are usually tied down on the car hauler) it would be appreciated!

There 4 angled tie down slots in the reinforced part of of the unibody, 2 on each side. Look at the bottom of the slots for any distortion or damage.


That is a problem, you have not examined the found damage. You should have asked to be shown the damage found that determined this was damage and not a warranty repair. That would have spoiled the illusion that this is transportation damage.

The dealer employees certainly will not be entertained when you return with your 2 1/2 year old vehicle and claim you were sold a damaged vehicle. I see under-body damage all the time and it is always from a recent collision, who would drive a damaged vehicle for 2 1/2 years before complaining?