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Mysterioud cabin odor

SInce July 31, 2018 I have had a pot of boiling pasta odor in my car. Cabin filter has been changed. All items from the car removed.Been to dealer & local shop & no cause found.Been told to get an air freshener but I WANT TO RID THE CAUSE. Any ideas?

Has the level of coolant fallen? Possible heater core leak - the smell would be strongest near the heater outlet when it’s blowing warm air. Some call it a maple syrup smell. If it’s bad the interior windows will get a greasy film coating. It doesn’t get better by itself.

Also possible is the drain from the bottom of the heater/AC box. It could be blocked by debris and mold. AC condensation builds up and sits there instead of dripping out to the ground.

Probably this is your best option…buy an air freshener like febreeze with a spaghetti sauce smell.:grinning:

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Air fresheners only try to mask odors, not remove them. I would try sprinkling baking soda on all of the carpet area, leaving it for a few days to a week, then vacuuming it up. I would also put several ventilated containers of baking soda throughout the car including trunk, glove compartment, under the seats, etc. and changing the baking soda in each container periodically. (similar to using baking soda around the house & in the refrigerator)