My wife's first horse

Today, with gladness I found myself confirmed that I am not alone in this world. The idea that another man is surprised with his wife’s horse ownership encouraged me, that help and a bright future is on the way. Now as the caller mentioned he was informed that a small trailer would just do for chipper chopper hay burner. You advised right… get a truck and a trailer that fits the need. Why am I so joyous.? Well you made it possible to maintain the man’sanity and prevented a failed load attempt of a horse that in return on the highway rocks moms car just for her to come back and then ask for the truck. In fact go for the 350. Let dad have some fun too. Oh uh by the way dad, your up for some intense backup trailer training having to sit in the passenger seat and watch mom sweat and curse. Life is good :slight_smile:


Duly noted…

I trust you have a proper low floor horse trailer; horses are top heavy animals and can easily upset a regular trailer.

Ya know I thought a boat was expensive, luckily we only borrow the Paso Fino,

. Have a friend with horses. It’s not a commitment like a dog and it’s even more then having children. ;=) It’s much more ! It’s a way of life. If one doesn’t get it, which I don’t, don’t own a horse.

When my first wife was living, we had a horse. I would borrow her father’s 1/2 ton pickup and rent a horse trailer for some of the times I moved the horse. A couple other times I rented a 3/4 ton pickup and I definitely recommend the larger truck. Even then, every time the horse moves around in the trailer, you feel it in the cab.

As a woman who got into horses as an adult but also is married to a man who has NO interest in helping out, I have learned a lot about hauling horses. You were all wrong when you recommended a 10 year old truck. I highly recommend a modern truck with a built-in brake controller and the electronic display that lets you know you have a good connection for lights and brakes. The newer transmissions also are very helpful in maintaining a safe speed when coming down a steep grade. I am not saying that they need to spring for a new truck. I personally use a 2009 Ford F250 and it does an amazing job pulling my two horse bumper pull trailer.

Never underestimate horsewomen! We drive trucks, hitch up our own trailers and coax large animals into small spaces just so we can have fun riding.