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My wife drove 5 km after coolent temp warning alarm

So my wife pulled onto a highway the coolent temp alarm went off she drove for 3min…!!! Probably 2 mins at 90km and 1min at 70 then pulled into a gas station. About 5 km distance. Later our mechanic said a coolant hose busted and it was spraying coolant and they opened the hood. So it probably wasn’t completely empty. I realize I am asking a lot but is my engine shot. What should I look for. I have an inspection camera so I could look into the cylinders but I wouldn’t know what to expect to see.

Once the hose is replaced and the cooling system refilled, you could try starting and running the engine cautiously. White sweet-smelling “smoke” out the tailpipe is evidence of a blown head gasket. Let us know how that goes.

There’s a good chance it’ll be OK. Good luck to you.

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No smoke couldn’t smell anything specifically. It has been a few days. Did small trips with it. It seems fine.

Good to know. Keep on eye on coolant level in rad and overflow tank. My bet is - no problem.