My Toyota

I own a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser with 135,000 miles on her. She has started having a fit about once amonth. She runs fine for about 30 days and then she just wont start. You cant jump it. But if you turn the key on and off real quick it will eventually start and sometimes it wont. But after a couple of days she starts running fine again. Could this be my alarm system. I asked a mechanic and he said he would have to have it for a while so he could go through the wiring. That will cost a arm and leg. Please help with some advice…

One other possibility is the starter solenoid. Google ‘Toyota start solenoid’, you’ll find out about the contacts wearing out in the solenoid, resulting in an intermittant no-start. I’m not sure if the Land Cruiser has that starter, but it’s a possibility.

Thank you for the advice I will check into it.