My Toyota Tacoma..would love another 150,000 K +

I went back and reviewed Sparky’s posting, and the, ahem, childish insults cast at him.

And, I wish I had more likes to put on his posting. He did not say what he was accused of saying. He did NOT say no mechanics ever did good work. He very clearly said mechanics are more LIKELY to do harm than improve things, and that is correct, if we look at all mechanics who work in the business.

That is well known, which is why Cartalk has mechanics files to point out the good ones.

it sounds to me like he does a really good job of maintaining his own cars for a very long life. He is not obliged to become a professional mechanic before stating an opinion on this board.

You’re right irlandes. The only reason I disagree with anything Sparky said is that one should not necessarily “Keep the mechanics away from your cars as much as possible.” If you’re doing your own maintenance, that’s one thing. However, if the choice is between having a mechanic perform maintenance and neglecting the car, hiring the mechanic is the better choice.

Sparky’s advice, taken out of context, might lead someone to neglect her or his car.

When somebody makes the kind of comments that @Sparky86 made, he can expect to get exactly the reaction that he got.

I for one am not going to take those kind of comments lying down.

Unless I’m dead or unable to defend myself any longer.

I am also glad that @Sparky86 got hit with more than one “abuse” or disagree. That tells me that there are some other professionals out there who have some self-worth.

And if somebody wants to agree with or like his comments, it’s a free country.

My cars RARELY see mechanics. If I had the time and equipment for things like alignments my vehicles would NEVER see a mechanic. That doesn’t mean they aren’t taken care of. If I couldn’t do the work…then I’d surely take it to a qualified mechanic. But a professional mechanic is NOT needed to perform most maintenance.

I agree with @MikeInNH that a professional mechanic isn’t needed to do oil changes, brake pads, coolant, trans service, etc. As long as the owner is fairly handy and is using the appropriate parts and tools for the job.

However, when somebody makes blanket statements to the effect that mechanics are screw ups, well, you saw what happened.0

What Sparky86 has failed to do up to this point is provide even a tiny bit of info as to why he feels the way he does and I would sincerely like to hear the reasoning for his opinion.