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My tire keeps losing lots of air (2 lbs a day) and no one knows why

I have a 2001 Acura CL/S with a leak in a BF Goodrich all weather T/A tire. I have nee to zSears 3 times, Acura twice, a new rim, and another tire dealer 3 times. I replaced the valve and balance weights but nothing helps. What tire should I buy that doesn’t make noise (like the Michelin)

If you live an a climate where it’s feisable, or you have a warm garage, fill a small plastic children’s pool with water, fill the tire to the max PSI on the sidewall (readjust it after you’re done), toss the tire and rim in, and sit back and watch for the stream of bubbles. You’ll find the leak.

Some leaks only show up when the tyre is flexed. That might be the case. Just about any other leak should be easy for any tyre store to find.

At this time, I would think about two new tyres and put them on the back and use the best two of the three other tyres on the front. Of course this time of year, you might want to consider getting winter tyres and put off the problem until spring. (Assuming you live in a snow area in the northern part of the world.

Thanks folks. I will see if my tire guy will do the test - otherwise will buy 2 tires - either Bridgestone Potenza or Michelin Pilots. Happy Holiday!