My Redneck 1991 Volvo

My Volvo 1991 240 car was running great up until this morning when it would not start. Im not very familiar with foreign cars. i can fix chevys any day. this one is very complicated just because of the layout. but i am not getting fire to my plugs. can anyone tell me the most common problems with these volvos when it will not start. I know its getting fuel to the motor but no fire. stopped after running perfect for months. Please people out there i need your help.

The ignition coil and ignition module. The coil is cheap and easy to check with an ohmmeter. The ignition module usually a bit more costly ($135 and up) and sometimes must be ordered. If the layout is similar to the 740 sedan, the ignition module is on the inside driver’s side fender, behind the battery.

Well the coil was not the problem and i still cannot get the darn thing to start up. Anyways someone please help. Im told this care has a specific type of ignition where there are no wires going to the distributor.

Go back and read busted knuckles.

This car has a pick-up coil in the distributor that signals the ignition module when to fire the coil. However, the computer controls the timing advance, so there is no mechanical advance plates and springs to worry about.

Are you getting spark? If you can get spark at the plugs, ignition is not the problem.

Are the spark plugs wet with gasoline? It may be flooded or fouled. Check the spark plugs for fouling.

Are you sure the fuel injectors are squirting fuel?