My rear end is singing... my car's rear end!



My 1999 Honda Accord has a noise coming from the rear end. It starts as a static sound that turns into a whining sound. My dad has taken my car twice and never heard it, and the mechanic even drove my car home and didn’t hear it. I’m not crazy! What could be the problem?


It could be the fuel pump.


Hearing differences.
If you’re young and they’re older, they may actually not be able to hear a high pitched sound that you do.
Could just be the brake pads which contact the rotor with no pressure all the time or a bearing.

With the car up on a hoist have them spin the wheels and listen with a stethescope to specific areas.


It could be something as simple as loose rubber seal on the trunk.


I’ll second the hearing issues ken mentioned. The first thing you should do (IMO) is to determine if the sound is dependant on vehicle speed or engine speed. Does the pitch or intensity vary with vehicle speed or say, when turning in a particular direction? Or does the engine speed play a role (try shifting into neutral and coasting for example)? This will eliminate a bunch of potential causes right off the bat…


I was with Honda in 2002 and we replaced many rear wheel bearings on your model but I would never lable the noise as “singing” on any of the cars I fixed.