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My radiator ACDelco caps have different part numbers yet listed to fit car

strong text There is another number stamped on my old cap off my Buick Lesabre 2003 its a ACdelco RC-27 then 25730161 and the ACDelco cap recommended is stamped RC-27 25730158 ? neither one of them have a RC-96 stamped on them check it out on E bay or amazon

25730158 RC96 AC Delco Radiator Cap New for Chevy Olds Le Sabre Chevrolet Impala | eBay

A radiator cap is not an expensive item . Just go to your local parts store with the cap you have and let them match and not worry about the numbers. If you get the wrong one from online then you have to send it back usually at your expense .

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25730158 is the part number shown in the GM catalog;

The only difference between an RC-27 and a RC-96 is one of them says “DEX-COOL” like your top picture.

Other than that, they are identical and interchangeable.

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yes it kooks like the same

and does the 3/4 L mean the depth of the cap from the top to the bottom rubber seal?

Why would there be a different radiator cap for Dex-Cool?

probably the exact same part, but since one has “Dex Cool” on it, and the other doesn’t. They both get get differing part numbers.

Maybe for cars that came filled with Dex-cool, to alert the person to use that.

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That makes sense.