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My mechanic is stumped! please advise!

I drive a standard 98 Ford ZX2 with 132K miles. fortunately, I’ve never had to invest a lot of money for any major repairs. it’s been reliable and extremely good on gas.

Something bizarre has happened with it twice in the last few weeks that has stumped my mechanic AND myself. The first time when leaving work one afternoon, I put the clutch petal in to back out of my parking space. When the clutch petal was pushed completely to the floor there was this loud grinding sound and the brake light comeson. I could drive yet it would grind loudly if the clutch petal was completely pushed down. Once I move the car it goes away. Oh?.and the strangest part of it all is if the car stalls, it starts up at a dead stop without turning the key or using the gas petal. Have you ever heard of anything so strange? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks from Maine.

PS…I had a tow truck come to my job to pick up my car along with my mechanic. once they arrived and he test drove my car it didn’t happen. go figure!